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XEMEX - a modern classic

XEMEX bears the signature of the internationally renowned and acclaimed Swiss designer Ruedi Külling. Xemex Swiss Watch launched its first watch model, the “Offroad No. 1“.

XEMEX was awarded several prizes at design competitions both nationally and internationally.
In 2008 XEMEX received the “GOOD DESIGN” Award for Personal Goods of the Chicago Athenaeum – the probably most valued Design Award worldwide.

However, the success of XEMEX is not only due to its outstanding, fundamentally unique design. When Ruedi Külling founded Xemex Swiss Watch in 1996, he planned the brand with all its characteristics from the very beginning.

The XEMEX brand is a completely coordinated unit. Name, logo, image and design are all in harmony and complement each other perfectly. The name can be pronounced anywhere in the world and can be read from both left to right and right to left; this is underlined by the clear typography of the logo.

The design is distinguished by its powerful character and memorable formal language. Xemex does not create trends, but manufactures milestones whose form, color and incomparable love of detail make subtle elegance into an unforgettable trademark. As the daily focus of frequent attention, the watch must be just right - for the wearer and for the function, although form is subordinate to function. Reducing the design to the bare essentials guarantees good readability during the day and at night.
The architecture of time is straightforward, without frills.

The clean typography and the finished, meticulous construction of the case reflect the precision of the movement. The dial, the hands and the flexible bridges emphasize the interplay of the elements. This instrument shows the time as a self-contained unit.
This has made it possible for XEMEX watches to become highly valued collector’s items.

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